Posted by Asclepius Choy

I just thought of sharing this with everyone who is concerned. 

Recently i've resorted to see a Chiropractic as an alternative treatment to my chronic back and neck ache. For about 2 years ago from my bike accident, I've sustained this backache ever since and honestly i've approached western medicine and chinese medicine (cupping and acupuncture) but both treatments led to no improvement. 

During my first session with the Chiropractor, he shared with me that this alternative treatment exist because they believe a healthy spinal cord can lead to better and happier health. My purpose is not to promote Chiropractic here but to share the knowledge i gained from my session. (Please forgive me if i am wrong about the anatomy of the spinal cord because i am not a medical student.)

 So this is a zoomed in view on how our spinal cord looks like.

And that each section of the spinal cord, we have spinal nerves running through the space between each Vertebra.

Each spinal nerve going through the different numbered vertebra is responsible for sending electrical pulses from the brain to the internal organs/muscles, skins, joints and other part of the body. Vertebral problems can impair nerve function, thus affecting any part of our body. 

For example, my mom she had a slip disc somewhere in her spinal cord, and that resulted to numbness as well as tingling sensation in her left leg. Worst, sometimes her leg just didnt move while she was crossing the road because most likely because the muscle in her leg failed to receive the electrical pulses from the brain and it shuts down the leg temporary. The thought of it is so scary. 

Fortunately, my symptoms are not as serious, but i do get very bad backache every single day of my life. My medical examination with the chiropractor showed that my body posture deviates away from the normal posture by a few degrees forward as well as sideways (on my left). This abnormality lead to unnecessary stress on my core muscles that is supporting my posture which then lead to the backaches i feel everyday. 


How easy is it to damage our spinal cord? 

Traumatic blow to our spine can fracture, dislocates, crushes or compress one of more of our vertebrae can cause damage to our spinal cord. Most common cause of spinal injuries are some of the following.

- Motor vehicle accidents. 

- Falls

- Acts of violence

- Sports and recreation injuries

- Alcohol 

- Diseases. 

And the complications from a spinal cord injury will affect the way we function on a daily basis if we are lucky to be walking out from a traumatic situation. Serious complications will be such as loss of sensory and motor function of our limps, paralysis and even deaths. For more information about spinal cord injuries and health, click here. 



I hope this post taught you something about the spinal cord and how important yet fragile it is so much so that we have to protect our spinal cord. I will share my X-ray result with you here as soon as i get it back from my Chiropractor. And please do note that i am not encouraging Chiropractic as a solution if you share the same symptoms as me because they do pose some risk such as any other medicinal and treatments. Wishing that none of you have to go through spinal cord injury, and please protect your spinal cord to lead a better and happier life.