Q: If I forget to disconnect myself from the attached wire when I get off the bike/horse, will it activate the jacket?

A: No it will not. The force needed to activate the jacket is 25-30kg. You will be reminded to disconnect with a tug instead in the event one forgets to disconnect.

Q: Can I reuse my jacket after it is being inflated?

A: Yes you can reuse the jacket by simply replacing the Co2 cartridge with the handy tool provided at the time of purchase, as long as the airbag is not damaged. Should the airbag be damaged, contact us to do a maintenance check.

Q: How long can the air bags last?

A: Like all products, the parts of the airbag system are not excused from worn and tear due to regular connecting-disconnecting, drastic folding of jacket etc. We highly recommend a maintenance check at least once a year. Common fatigue are found at the buckle due to regular connect and disconnecting over a long period of time. If needed replacement, we do have replacement parts for the buckle and it is sold separately.

Q: Can I wash my jacket?

A: Jackets and Vest can be washed. First, remove the airbag by follow the instructions provided here.

Please note that Harness cannot be washed in machine. If cleaning is necessary, use a damp cloth to wipe the harness surface. Never soak the harness in water. Hang the harness up with it’s Co2 Cartridge attached before spraying water on its surface with a shower but keep the key box dry at all times. Key box should not get wet. Allow jacket/vest/harness to air-dry indoors should they become wet.

Q: Do you have plans to offer 0% installment payment plans in the future?

A: Currently we don't see a demand, but we will when it become necessary.