1995- Began research and development work of an airbag system for motorcyclists.


1998-  After a process of trial and error, completed and announce the world first airbag jacket for motorcyclists.

1999- Launched our airbag jacket in Europe where the safety standard is quite high.


Supplied world famous SPIDI of Italy, IXS of Switzerland and LOUIS of Germany with our airbag system and gained a reputation of high reliability.


Awarded Gold and Silver Medals at the World Exhibition of Inventions in Belgium.


A Gold Medal in the Safety Protection Life-Saving Division and a Silver Medal overall.


2000- Awarded Gold Trophy at the "Salon du Cheval" in Paris.


2001- Launched the Hit-air jacket.


2003- Supplied the Police Headquarters in Japan with the airbag vests for the motorcycle police. Obtained the CE Marking approval by the EU for our airbag vest of MC Model. Launched the airbag vest for horse riding.


2004- Supplied the Spanish Police with the airbag vests.


2005- Awarded the highest prize at the JPMS Motorcycle Show in France. Launched the buckle type one-touch connector of increased strength and reliability, jointly developed by YKK and Mugen Denko.


2006- Signed OEM deals with top-brand apparel manufacturers for the supply of airbag jackets and vests.  Supplied the Imperial Guard Headquarters with airbag vests for horse riding. Launched smaller and lighter key box (Y-type), jointly developed by YKK and Mugen Denko.


2007- Authorized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to make a plan to develop the new business field on the basis of multisectoral collaboration.


2008- Verification Test on Airbag Jacket Performance and Effectiveness by Japan Automobile Research Institute, Inc. (JARI). Various test results have proved that the shock was absorbed by the Hit-Air.


2009- Supplied the Brazilian fire station with the airbag jacket.
Extretcher (Airbag stretcher) is invented and launched.


2010- Supplied the Dubai Police with the MX-5 airbag jacket.
Supplied the Spanish Police with the MLV-Y(all-in-on airbag harness).
China police (Airbag system supply)


2011- Airbag Jacket Evaluation Test by Japan Automobile Research Institute, Inc. (JARI). Various test results, the rider will be able to reduce the severity of neck injury to less than serious injury by wearing an airbag jacket.
Supplied the Kuwait Police with the MX-5 airbag jacket.
French gendarmerie (Airbag system supply)


2012- Supplied the Japan Police with the MLV-C model (PM-001).
Supplied the Fire department of Japan coastal areas with the airbag protector vest.


2014- Supplied the Ireland Police with the MLV-P.
Supplied the Australia Police with the airbag vest.
*Start the development of a new air bag "Air Hoof".


2015- Supplied the Turkish Police with the MLV-P / airbag system.
Supplied the Spain Madrid Police with the MLV-P.2016MLV-YC vests are supplied to Korean Motorcycle Police.


2017- MLV-P vests are supplied to Bahrain Motorcycle Police.
MLV-P, SV2 and LV vests are supplied to Swedish Mounted Police.


2018- Airbag vests equipped with sensors are jointly developed with NEXCO CENTRAL (Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited) and supplied to the NEXCO CENTRAL.
Extretcher-S (Airbag stretcher with sliding board) is invented and launched.

Hit-air vests and jackets are supplied to police departments in many countries because of its safety and reliability. Hit-air is sold in more than 30 countries.